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Hello, This is to share my experience with the JDI stem cell vitamins. I hadn’t been able to get them for a while and had fallen into ill health, not functioning as I was when i was taking the vitamins, been getting them now for about 7 or 8 weeks, and today i mowed our grass (unable to last year) including doing the weed eating, and feel fine after that exertion. I plan to get back on the golf course very soon and at age 65 I simply state the JDI stem cell vitamins are giving me back my life as a functional person, and my grandkids will get to see the real vital person I was and now can be again. There is no question in my mind these vitamins do increase the natural adult stem cells in our blood stream and those adult stem cells are healing my body at the fundamental cellular level. Thank you for the huge impact you are making in my life.

Bill Taylor

Hello, my name is Grace. I just joined the team a week ago. I’am sending you this because I like to share my experience for a week now. I’m so glad that I took a chance to try this product ! ! ! It’s amazing I feel so good and I mean it’s been over two years since I felt good this way. Thank you so much JDI. I wish more recovery in the future…just want to share this is a good product and I highly recommend to every one out there who want to feel good and better every day ! ! ! ! God bless all. Sincerely, Grace ! ! ! ! !

Just 4 days after taking JDI’s MultVitamin with stem cell nutrition, I noticed that a pain I had in my joint was gone. I also have other health problems and I have noticed my lab numbers are looking better and I have a lot more energy. It’s been 2 weeks now and I’m telling everyone about this product. It just makes you feel great ! Thanks JDI

Carlos Rios

I am a VietNam veteran and I had some health problems ever since I came home in 1970. Recently I have been taking stem cell nutrition vitamins and I have noticed that my problems are now under control without medication. I give the credit to the stem cell nutrition vitamin product as I could not feel this well even with medication. I am off medication at last.

Juan Loya

The Stem Cell Nutrition Vitamins have already seemed to help with the some issues I was having from my left lung. Those problems have gone away. I have have also reduced the medication needed to help with the pain in my feet. I had a massive heart attack 4 years come this August. I only have 28% of my heart muscle left. Walking is my main exercise for cardiovascular system. I can now walk the same distance faster. I walk 1 mile 6 days a week. I can hardly wait for my semi-annual check up at the doctors and see what the difference is from my last check up.

D. A.

The response since joining has been immediate and always helpful. The product is life changing. My mother had brain surgery and in the short time since taking the product, her health and memory has improved dramatically. My grandmother has many health issues. At her last doctor’s visit he told her that her tests are better than they have been for over 20 years. My step-father is an avid golfer but has not been able to play often due to health problems. He is now playing every week and even got back into his men’s league. I only wish my grandfather had not died in December 2010. I truly believe this would have prolonged his life.

Thanks again.

On Memorial Day (May 31, 2010)I was in our outdoor planter (about 2 1/2 ft. from ground)doing some trimming and fell between the planter and our bushes. The only injury I incurred was to my little finger on my left hand. Was also embarrassed about walking off the planter. I had to run cold water over the finger every day to ease the pain. I’m left handed and writing was very difficult because of the pain. That pain did not cease until I started taking the JDI Stem Cell Vitamin over a year later on July 6, 2011. After taking JDI Stem Cell Vitamin for only 3 days, the pain is gone; I can write; move the finger; and grasp things with my left hand again. I no longer need to use cold water to ease the pain. Thank You Dr. John and JDI. Stan Carroll

Stan Carroll

My father, 77 years old, has been in a Nursing Home for over 2 years now. He had lost his ability to walk and his speech was hard to understand. He has been on the JDI Stem Cell Vitamins for a little over a month now. To my amazement, he has started to walk with proper supports and with the help of the Nursing Home staff. He used to spend his days in bed, now I find him sitting in his wheel chair. His speech is much more clear and he looks happier and much more motivated to get better. This brings tears to my eyes. Needless to say, this is nothing short of miraculous to me. Quite frankly, I had given up hopes of him getting better. There was no change in his intake of medicine, his diet, nutritional products, or anything else. The only change was that I started giving him just 2 tablets of the JDI vitamins in the morning. As for myself, I have been taking the vitamins for a month and a half now. I am quite healthy, but I find that I am much less drowsy during the day now, I am more alert (I feel sharper) and I am sleeping better.

JDI is changing lives !

–Aziz Jangbar
Grateful JDI Customer and Rep


I am a gardener and will occasionally get a pretty good cut if I am not careful. I am a notorious slow healer (whether bruising, cutting etc..). I had a cut on my right hand near the bottom of my little finger that I think I got weekend before last. I put nothing on it, nor did I even bandage it. I pretty much forgot it. As of today the cut is completely healed with just barely a noticeable mark and a slightly rough spot if you really feel for it. Usually those things I would carry with me throughout the gardening season never really fully healing. I have been taking JDI multi-vitamin for 2-3 weeks and I seem to have healed quicker.

T. M.

I was diagnosed with major depression in 1998. I tried many products, looking for something other than the prescribed anti-depressant medications. I knew there was an alternative out there somewhere. Prior to the stem cell vitamins I did find a product that helped more than the others, however something was still missing. My husband introduced me to Stem cell nutrition. I began taking the product in March 2011 with immediate results. Depression sufferer’s really don’t feel like doing much on a daily basis. I would lay on the couch for hours sometimes days. Well I’m off the couch for good. I’m in the gym 6 to 7 times a week. I’ve found the missing link. Stem cell vitamins seems to have targeted the areas of stress and anxieties in my life. The depression is Finally under control after all these years. I feel GREAT & Alive again. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

Thanks so much JDI
PS: And Thanks to my husband (Marvin) who is very happy.

Patricia Barnes

Hi Aziz & John I went to my Doctor’s yesterday for the results of my Annual. That was the FIRST time my EKG did not show any Premature Ventricular Contractions in the almost twelve years that I have been going to my Doctor since he first found that I had this problem ! Everything else was good also, including my glucose down from 140 to 130, my good cholesterol being higher than my bad C, my BP was down, etc. ect. The only thing different on the minus side was that my Carotid Arteries were slightly higher by 2% but still under 40%, so no worries there either. I took two caps in the AM and two in the PM. just to get a jump start in my blood stream.

Here’s to Good Health, Brother.

Wm Coberley

Hi Aziz,
Thank you for introducing us to JDI. Almost 4 years ago I broke the 2 bones in my lower right leg completely in two, in fact my foot was hanging off to the side at 90 degrees plus I broke every bone in my ankle. I was in the hospital for over a month. In addition I severely injured my right knee about 7 months ago. Until today I used a cane if I spent much time on my foot and the rest of the day and the next I would be in quite a bit of pain. I got up this morning and noticed I had no pain at all. I did a lot of walking today without the cane and this evening I have no pain and do not need the cane. Thank You and Thank You JDI.

John Green
P.S. I certainly didn’t expect to see results this quickly. There are some other changes I have noticed.

John Green

I no longer need to elevate my legs at night to relieve pressure on my lower back, my energy level has increased and I feel great overall, I know this Stem Cell Vitamin is what the world needs !

Lance Andersen

Ok, I’m a believer. I’ve been on the Stem Cell vitamins for just under two weeks. Knee pain GONE, stiffness GONE, headaches GONE. These DO Work ! !



Mohamed habib RN

I can honestly say JDIs product helped me regain my energy, mental clarity and feel better. On a business note, can you say 100% Retention? In 4 months NO ONE in my group has quit. Says a lot about product, company and comp plan. Thanks JDI

Paul Davison

Definitely a product for the masses. Should be on everyone's kitchen table. I have more vital than before, I feel great and just after a few months on the product. On the business side, no one in our group has dropped out..NO ONE. That’s Retention At It’s Best. I encourage everyone to try JDIs product. You will be glad you did.

Paul Davison

I have been a long term Vita-Stim consumer and know first hand how well Stem Cell Nutrition has helped me with stamina and general well being. What I discovered after taking JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral is that I feel even better and my overall supplement costs have come down with all of the added ingredients.

George B. Loves Park, IL

I had numerous health issues ranging from tendonitis, chronic fatigue, pain as well as lack of energy. While I was taking other products to help, it was not until I started taking JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral with Stem Cell Nutrition that I started to feel like I was 100% again. Thank goodness for feeling well again.

Mary Ellen B., New York

I developed this product because I had some great personal results from using Vita-Stim Concentrate as far as eliminating joint pain, improving vision, eradicating eye floaters and increasing energy and mental acuity. I decided to design a product within the budget of everyone that could offer a result oriented MultiVitamin-MultiMineral with Stem Cell Nutrition and added Vitamin D. The goal is to cost effectively share this product with the world. Personal testimonials are invited.

Dr. John Cappello

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to receive this product. I am giving it to my mother who is 91 years old. We both think this is a gift from God and from you.

Ron Green

Join us TODAY and start the Journey that will set you FREE ! ! !

** These Testimonials are those given by real users. We do not espouse any medical claims that any of these Testimonials may appear to imply at times. Users of any products are entitled to express their free speech and they and they alone can conclude, what if any benefit was obtained, Every person is different and responses can be based upon numerous nutritional and other unknown factors.


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